Baterija Bat 9V
3.63 su PVM Į krepšelį

Baterija Bat 9V

3.63 su PVM

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9V carbon-zink battery for GBX1

This battery will keep energy-hungry devices, such as smoke alarms, portable microphones and electronic toys, supplied with long-lasting, dependable power.

Suitable for use in a wide range of compatible high-drain gadgets, the 9V cell in this single-piece packet is disposable for practicality.

Made using an alkaline manganese dioxide chemistry, it’s mercury and cadmium-free to make it more environmentally-friendly and exceptionally safe to use.

Thanks to its low rate of self-discharge, the 9V Battery also boasts a long shelf life, so you can keep it in your store cupboard for up to seven years.

Main Features

47.5×25.5×16.5 mm
Additional advantages:

– Lasts longer in power hungry devices
– Reliable portable power
– Suburb operating time

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