Vieno kanalo superheterodino belaidis imtuvas UMB100HR-HET 12/24/112



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Dynamic code system:
KEELOQ® of Microchip Corp. USA
Operating frequency:
433,92 MHz
Receiver type:
superheterodyne (sensitivity – 105 dBm)
Receiver memory capacity:
112 keyfobs (12-24V)
Number of channels/relay outputs:
Average operating distance:
up to 150 m in open field
Power supply:
0..35 VDC or 12..27 VAC (not included)
Operating temperature:
-20 – +40 °C
96x63x28 mm
Additional advantages:

– One galvanic separated relay output with NC/NO terminals
– One OC (open collector) transistor type output for acoustic indication of relay output switch-over
– Two color LED indicating state of the relay output
– Comfortable wide range of AC and DC power supply voltages
– Highly sensitive and selective superhet receiver module
– Output relay ratings – 1A, 120VAC/30VDC
– Signal output S (1A/60V max.) OC type
– Sabotage alarm terminal NC type (at box closed)

Opperatings modes:

– switch on relay by one transmitter button, second transmitter button switch off relay
– receiver relay switched on as long as we hold transmitter button (winch mode)
– switch on, switch off
– switch on for a limited time

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Vieno kanalo superheterodino belaidis imtuvas UMB100HR-HET 12/24/112